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My Recent Work 最近の作品


With the following images, they have been taken after the chef picked through it and tasted it. I tried my best to put it back together but I didn't want to spend too much time on it because there's a pile of dishes with my name on it.

Les Landes
Magrets de Canard avec Poeles Pommes de Terre Confites
Duck Breast with Potatoe boiled in goose fat


Okay, I must admit the potatoes sound a little gross being boiled in FAT but same with french fries. What might shock you more is that I tasted the melted fat in order to get an idea of how much salt is in it. The duck breasts were from ducks that were raised for duck foie gras.

Chou Farci Braise
Braised Stuffed Cabbage


You can't really picture it well here but imagine spirals of carrot, daikon, and potato from the center of the stuffed cabbage and a spiral of tourned vegetables. Traditionally, it should be round but i chose a puck shape so I could get a flat surface to work on.

La Normandie
Cassolette de Coquillages au Gratin
Seafood pie run under a salamander


Yeah, I know. I burnt it. It was my first time using a salamander and boy is it strong! Do you like the langoustine waving? I called him Jacque. If you notice carefully, you'll see that there's a chunk of crust missing...I would like to say it's on purpose but actually, a hand torch fell on that spot and smashed it to pieces. Sigh. Luckily, I had Jacque and he filled that space in nicely. This dish tastes really good! I love it but it's YEET-HAY.
by ekwok | 2007-02-21 01:51 | Le Cordon Bleu

What I ate in class today. 今日の授業で食べた物

Can you guess what this is?


It's rabbit! And for it's privacy, I decided to hide it's identity. That and it looks too freaky if you can see it's eyes.


It was my first time eating rabbit. You know how a lot of things taste like chicken. Well, this didn't. It was a completely new taste. Gamey. Soft. Complex.


Tomorrow I'll make chicken made to look like a frog. Can you imagine it?








by ekwok | 2007-01-11 23:18 | Le Cordon Bleu

Goofing around


I got some free cotton candy while walking around Daikanyama and decided to have some fun.

by ekwok | 2006-11-18 05:43 | Le Cordon Bleu

Midterm Test  中間試験


(Here's my handy job as I promised. )


We weren't allowed to ask each other or the chef any questions on this special day. However, it was just a normal day for me. I normally don't ask others questions. Not because I'm so good I don't need help but rather my Japanese isn't good.


We were graded on 5 categories: Presentation, Technique, Taste, Hygiene, and Organization. I did pretty well, I got 8, 8, 7.5, 8, and 7.5 respectively. Top of the class.

by ekwok | 2006-11-18 05:36 | Le Cordon Bleu

Recently... 最近。。。

I peaked at 9 and for the past couple of times cooking, I got sevens. I need to control my salt.


I'm sad.


But I'm going to try harder. Next time 8, 8 or more! Yeah!


Next thursday I'm making a ham and cheese souffle, stuffed tomatoes, and grilled steak topped with anchovie butter.

by ekwok | 2006-10-29 01:31 | Le Cordon Bleu

Pork Chops and Mustard-Pickles Sauce

For the past two weeks now, I've been cooking and presenting my dishes to the chef/instructor every Thursday and Friday. And my marks have been okay but nothing to get too excited about.


Well, yesterday, I made pork chops and he must have liked that because he gave me a 9 out of 10. A nine! I was shocked.


He looked at the plate and said the parsley was nice and very fine. Then he tasted my potato puree then my pork chops with sauce and then my sauce. He was silent during the whole time so I was nervous. Then he says, "Great." "Delicious." "Great job." I was relieved and happy.


I almost died.


Later on the assistant came over to tell that I was the first and only one to get a nine in the class.


After tasting, the chef asked me some questions about whether I ate a lot of French food or if I cooked everyday, etc. I said no to all questions.


After scoring, I brought my plate back to my station and I didn't know it but the chef was following me. And then to my surprise, he asked a couple students to see my plate. With that, other students also came over in order to see what's happening. Then they asked to taste my plate. Then everyone use their index finger, poked my sauce and tasted it.


I was happy.

by ekwok | 2006-10-21 00:46 | Le Cordon Bleu

I browned butter. バターを少し焦がしてしました。

I browned my butter.


This was the first time for me to cook in such a nice kitchen. There were some excellent pieces of equipment and it was well equipped with all the necessary things cooks would need.


Today was a simple potage with bacon and paysanne de legumes, which means vegetables cut into 1 cm by 1 cm chips. It was a little intensive since I was trying to get everything perfect but I was very happy to be in the kitchen. However...


I browned my butter. I completely melted some butter in a pot with high heat before I added my bacon, cut into lardon shapes and before I knew it, the butter browned. The chef came by and saw that I had browned my butter and said, "Kwok-san, don't brown the butter. Write it down in your notes. Cook it slowly, slowly."


Finally, when I presented my soup to him, he said it was delicious. But the color of soup was darker than that of the other students. And if he didn't see that I had browned my butter, I could have gotten a higher score. I got 7 out of 10.


However, things weren't so bad. He was impressed when I got my water boiling at the very beginning. I knew that boiling water always takes a lot time (all those times cooking for the Singles group paid off) so it's good to get that going first. At first, I thought I was in trouble because he shouted to the class, "Who's water is this?" Then the guy next to me, pointed at me and said, "Him." And then chef said something along the lines, "Great! Getting the water going first." I was happy.

by ekwok | 2006-10-02 01:23 | Le Cordon Bleu