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My Bread 僕のパン

It's been a long time since I've made bread but I thought I would put up a picture of my handiwork. Baking bread is hard! I can't produce the same product every time. There are so many factors to take into account, such as the weather, humidity, temperature of the water, my yeast culture, kneading, benchtime, yada, yada, yada.

Simple sourdough bun. Wild yeast, strong flour, water, sugar, salt, and butter to finish.


My yeast is very tempermental. Too tempermental. It's a semi-solid type of natural yeast, which I keep in the fridge. N complains it takes up too much vegetable drawer space.

In the beginning it developed and grew very well but then after a couple times it stayed flat and wouldn't get up. One book says that I should keep my kneading of the yeast starter to a minimum. But McGee doesn't even mention that. McGee does mention that the if the starter is divided often, which redistributes the food supply, the better the yeasts will be able to grow. Otherwise, the bacteria that also grows with the yeast will consume nutrients more quickly and produce acid and other growth-inhibiting substances.

Another thing is that sourdoughs should be well salted. Salt limits bacterial protein-digesting enzymes and also helps to tighten the gluten network. Now McGee doesn't say whether to salt the starter or the dough. I'll try it out and tell you how it goes.

In another part of McGee's book, it says at 1.5-2% of the flour weight, salt improves the gluten network and volume of the loaf. So I think I'll start with that.
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Choir Celebration Dinner-2006 聖歌隊の祝典のご飯

I would like to thank everyone who helped up with the purchasing, prepping, cooking, washing, cleaning, serving, etc. of all the food over Saturday and Sunday. The dinner couldn't have happened so smoothly without all your love and efforts. It was a labor of love.


For those that don't know, every year at TBC, we put on 10-12 performances in a vertical stage that looks like a tree. It's called the "Singing Christmas Tree." I know people in Vancouver might be familiar with this because Broadway Church has one too with a really big "tree."


Anyways, this celebration dinner was to thank all the choir members, band, costume designers, sound and light crew, and pastors for all their hard work for all those performances! Praise God!

この祝典のご飯は聖歌隊とかバンドとか舞台装置衣装(ぶたい そうち いしょう)デザイナー音楽とライト・クルーとか牧師(ぼくし)のためにきつい仕事を感謝(かんしゃ)することでした。

Here was our menu:


Chicken and Mizuna wrapped in Daikon with a Spicy Rasperry-Ginger Vinegrette
Smoked Salmon with Horseradish Cream and Pink Peppercorns on Puff Pastry
Seared Scallops with Tomato Roses on a bed of Sauce Vert (Green Sauce)
Orange-Black Olives-Sugar Roasted Almond Slices on Mizuna and some kind of lettuce (サラダ葉 in Japanese) with a Lemon-Olive Oil Vinegrette
Pot au Feu with Garnishes: Cabbage, and Tourned Turnips, Carrots, and Potatoes
Roast Turkey with Jus
Lemongrass (Vietnam) Cranberry Chutney
Mushroom Stuffing
Pureed Potatoes






Some memories:


Shopping for groceries in a sub-compact car with four people and packing every inch of space with ingredients and human flesh. Nami blogged about that with a picture of the trunk.


I tourned all the turnips, carrots, and potatoes, enough for 150 people.


Diego and Nori tossing the oranges around...and dropping them. (-_-) Don't worry, we washed them well.

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「自家製酵母」のパン と言う本の通りに酵母をつくっています。



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