Update from the Welcome lunch

I didn't make the welcome lunch that I planned to.

The day before the welcome lunch, my small group and I made an appreciation lunch for the pastoral staff at TBC. It was fancy. We had a menu for adults and one for children.

Anyways for the children, one of the dishes was chicken strips. It was so good that Nami and I decided to make it for the welcome lunch. (Okay more like Nami decided, I kinda had my heart set on the Nicoise Salad but I agreed in end. They were good.)

We served chicken strips with a green salad with sherry vinegrette and baguettes made with natural yeast. Those baguettes from the Hillside Pantry were so good. The dressing was good too, if an Italian guy comes back for more salad, then it must be good.

This was actually very simple to make, just three ingredients plus seasoning in the batter. Three points which made this turn out so well. One, I used cold water to make the batter right before frying and when I was using the batter then I put it in the fridge. Two, a mixture of olive oil and canola oil for frying. Three, dijon mustard in the batter.
by ekwok | 2007-06-15 00:56 | Welcome Lunch
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