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Yesterday, I went to Ohito in Shizuoka with Nami and her family. We visited some relatives and then at about 8:00, we went to a hot spring. We stayed there for just 50 minutes but it was great!


It had the standard; hot bath, cold bath, and stinky sulphur bath. It also had a sauna and steam sauna. It also had a bath with water coming out of a bamboo pipe about 2 meters up. It's supposed to massage your muscles or make you bald if you decide to foolishly let the water hit your head.


Some interesting points would be that the sauna had "towel shorts" for you to wrap around your privates while you lie around. The best and most interesting thing by far is "Doctor Fish!" (That's a name used by Oedo Onsen in Tokyo but I'll use it here for this case too.)


"Doctor Fish" is a bath filled with tepid water and about 250 small little fish. The idea is that you stick your feet into the water and let the fish eat you alive...well, eat any dead skin or diseased skin at least. It's a little disconcerting to see your whole foot is engulfed by small fish ravenously gnawing away at your toes and feet. It's also ticklish but you get used to it after awhile. Think of seeing these black little tendrils coming out of your feet and wiggling around. It was like some scenes in Princess Mononoke.


I left my feet in there for about 15 minutes and at the end, my feet felt amazingly smooth and nice. It felt like I got a great foot scrub. I recommend "Doctor Fish."

by ekwok | 2006-11-14 01:48 | Travel within Japan
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